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UEP Art Gallery

On the occasion of 29th UEP Congress, an art gallery will take place during the congress. The gallery will include the installation “Vocological studies” by Voice-researcher Jaana Tyrmi. Participants of the congress are invited to take part in the art gallery by bringing their art objects to the gallery after informing Mrs. Jonna Kuuskoski at 

Opening of the Gallery.

The Gallery will open on 14.6 at 11.00 by Prof. Markus Gugatschka, art enthusiast and interim director of the Department of Phoniatrics at the Medical University Graz, Austria. 

Installation: Vocological studies

Jaana Tyrmi, 2018

I am interested in analogies that one can find in nature, how energy  travels in wave form, how we interpret color or sound by the wave length or it’s amplitude and how new things are born out of  interventions. Cyanotype as one of the oldest forms of photography (by Sir John Herschel,1842) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) as one  of the newest imaging technologies (by Raymond Vahan Damadian, 1977)  use both iron and potassium as reagents. In human body iron carries  oxygen to cells and makes the action possible, where potassium makes  it possible for cells to recover, as blue color can soothe and recover  our minds.

Vocological studies –project combines new and old imagining  technologies and is interested in border between art and science. MRI  and botanical images are the base of these syanotypes that form a  chorus. Under each portrait is demonstrated vowel or consonant that is  seen in MRI-images above. Listening or analyzing the pictures, phones –word is formed. In MRI pictures all individual information is stripped  away, but cyanotypes dresses them up again and new identity is given.  
These MRI-images are from my first article in my thesis on vocology.  Cyanotype intervention will place them under different kind of audience to study.

Jaana Tyrmi is doctoral student in University of Tampere in Speech and  Voice Research Laboratory, School of Education. She  has taken part in group exhibitions in Finland and abroad since 2009 and her first  solo exhibition took place in 2017.

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